She took the leap,
and built her wings
on the way down.
My journey to find healing....

A Peek Inside

Inside this website you will find a wide variety of topics that will be discussed......


  • kefir & cultured vegetables

  • coconut oil 

  • my favorite organic foods

  • bio-energetic medicine

  • natural supplements to calm anxiety

  • miracle magnesium

  • natural supplements to sleep well

  • my favorite non-toxic products

  • the pregnenolone steal

  • heavy metals & detoxification

  • mercury safe dentistry

  • adrenal health      

  • genetics - One Bad MTHFR

  • adrenal breathing & meditation

  • Eastern/Western Medicine

  • perimenopause/hormone balance

  • what you resist will persist

  • book reviews

  • the power of surrendering

  • mindfulness

  • spirituality

  • losing hope & finding faith

  • my coaching experiences

  • tuning in to divine guidance & help

My other Passion...
My Children's Books!

Blossom the bunny learns an important lesson one day while playing with her friends

in the meadow...

When comparison begins, 

Contentment ends. 


It Just Blooms  is my debut children's picture book that I'm excited to share!  


This is a story that helps us transcend the idea that we are somehow less than, in comparison to others. This story will help children stand in their own beauty and magnificence while fully embracing the concept that they can bloom in their own special way and in their own perfect time! This story encourages self love and acceptance for both ourselves and all others.

You can find all my children's books at DEANNACHESLEY.COM


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