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Another Story About Mercury

Connie Fox has been one of my health care providers throughout this healing process. I found out that the root cause of my toxicity was mercury in July of 2015. I found Connie in September of 2015 and she helped get me on the road to mercury detox and stabilizing my body even more.

I'm linking her personal story to share with you. Connie Fox suffered severe mercury toxicity from her dental amalgams as well, and finally recovered after being sick for years. The doctor who helped her recover was a German doctor named Deitrich Klinghardt, who runs the Sophia Health Institute in Washington. He is a world renowned expert who specializes in the treatment of complex health issues such as mercury detox and Lyme disease. Dr. Klinghardt is the doctor who has helped Yolanda Hadid recover from her Lyme disease. If I didn't see an improvement and feel like I was getting the necessary treatments, I probably would have been making arrangements to visit him in Washington as well. Highly trained and knowledgeable doctors are hard to find. Many doctors claim to know how to chelate, but they involve procedures and substances that produce terrible side effects and retoxification.

When Connie recovered, she went on to get education and training to become a holistic healthcare practitioner and specializes in helping people recover from mercury toxicity.

When I wrote about "what happened", I focused on the physical aspect of what happened. I mention that I am not quite ready to share all the personal details of what happened. I'm sharing Connie Fox's story, because she does articulate what it feels like. Our stories are not exactly the same, but have many similarities. A few notable differences are that I got the appropriate help and diagnosis much quicker than she did and I did not ever go through the chelation rounds like she did. I instinctively knew this was not right for me and would be severely detrimental to my mind and body if I ever chelated like that.

If you think it all sounds quite surreal, that is because it is. It seems unimaginable that I lived through what I did, and it seemed unimaginable while I was living through it. I read her story for the first time and sobbed for the following 30 minutes. Finally, I had found someone that had articulated so many of the same feelings and experiences of what I had lived through. Theres's no denying when you have mercury toxicity. It's unlike anything you ever knew existed, and when you have lived it, and you read another person's personal account of it - you get it. Everything in you gets it.

One day I will write my full story - my feelings, the pain, the prayers, the researching, the coaches and doctors, the doubters, the toll it took on my family, the money spent, the amazing love and support from others, and the outright miracle after miracle that helped me get to where I am in my recovery. But until I can share that part of my story, Connie's story will have to do.

You can read her personal story. It's long, but worth the read.

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