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Mercury Is Not Stable In the Amalgam

This is an excerpt from an interview with Dr. Christopher Shade - mercury detox specialist and founder of Quicksilver Scientific.

You can read the full interview by clicking here. I share this because many dentists will tell you that when mercury is in an amalgam, and in this solid form, it is stable, and therefore non toxic to a patient.

"There’s some misunderstanding out there about dental amalgams and how they cause problems. I’ve even heard dentists in the past saying, 'If the amalgam’s intact and the tooth is healthy, there’s no problem.' It’s actually the inhalation of the vapor, is how you’re getting it. So there are two things happening from the amalgam: There’s a vapor coming off that you inhale, and that’s your route in for the vapor, and then there’s a corrosion product that’s happening on the surface, a rusting on the surface, and you’re swallowing that. Now, the stuff you swallow you don’t absorb much of, but it irritates your whole digestive lining, and when we talk about detoxification, we’ll see that that’s actually blocking detoxification. One form, the vapor, is going in and forming mercury inside your body, or forming inorganic mercury inside your body. The other form you’re swallowing, and it’s blocking the route out. Now, in regards to the claim that mercury is stable inside the amalgam, mercury evaporates from the liquid mercury—that liquid, silvery stuff—at a fairly high rate. Now, when you combine it with silver and copper and zinc, like you do in a mercury amalgam, it then evaporates at a much lower rate. It doesn’t not evaporate."

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