A Letter to Dental Professionals

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There is controversy in the dental field regarding mercury amalgams and if they are safe to be placed in the body or not. Does mercury enter the body from mercury amalgams? There is also controversy surrounding the stability of mercury inside the amalgam, and controversy over the necessary precautions needed to safely remove these amalgams.

Some adamantly say that mercury amalgams are safe.

Some adamantly say that mercury amalgams are not safe.


Please read my full story of 'What Happened' to read more about what I have to say regarding mercury amalgams. I will share this from renowned mercury toxicity expert Dr. Christopher Shade of Quicksilver Scientific. According to Dr. Shade, "mercury shuts off the ability of your liver and kidneys to move mercury into your gut for elimination. So, if you have amalgams in your mouth, you are bathing your digestive tract AND your brain in mercury every day, poisoning your brain while at the same time blocking its route out of the body... the perfect recipe for mercury poisoning."

Mercury is not stable inside the amalgam, which seems to be a point you like to reference. Dr. Christopher Shade says this.... "There’s some misunderstanding out there about dental amalgams and how they cause problems. I’ve even heard dentists in the past saying, 'If the amalgam’s intact and the tooth is healthy, there’s no problem.' It’s actually the inhalation of the vapor, is how you’re getting it. So there are two things happening from the amalgam: There’s a vapor coming off that you inhale, and that’s your route in for the vapor, and then there’s a corrosion product that’s happening on the surface, a rusting on the surface, and you’re swallowing that. Now, the stuff you swallow you don’t absorb much of, but it irritates your whole digestive lining, and when we talk about detoxification, we’ll see that that’s actually blocking detoxification. One form, the vapor, is going in and forming mercury inside your body, or forming inorganic mercury inside your body. The other form you’re swallowing, and it’s blocking the route out. Now, in regards to the claim that mercury is stable inside the amalgam, mercury evaporates from the liquid mercury—that liquid, silvery stuff—at a fairly high rate. Now, when you combine it with silver and copper and zinc, like you do in a mercury amalgam, it then evaporates at a much lower rate. It doesn’t not evaporate."

I know my own truth of what I lived through. My mercury amalgams were a piece of the puzzle that contributed to filling my body with mercury, which resulted in a serious health crisis.

For myself, I am not seeking any 'expert' or study to tell me yes this could happen to me, or no this could not happen to me. Once I clued into the fact that this might be mercury and started reading about all the symptoms and reading other personal stories - I knew. All my various test results for mercury toxicity just confirmed what I already knew. My body was full of mercury.

I don't think anyone disputes the fact that mercury is a neurotoxin, one of the most toxic substances on the planet.

I do have some questions for you to think about if you would. If you are one that does not believe that mercury is harmful in the amalgam,

my question to you to consider is this....

If there is even a remote possibility that mercury amalgams might be harmful to a person and expose them to mercury...

Why would you take the risk of putting amalgams into a person's mouth?

If there is any question at all.....you should err on the side of safety and caution with one of the most toxic substances on the planet?

Also regarding the safety of removing the amalgams, I ask the same question.

If there is any possibility at all that you might expose someone to more mercury during the removal process....WHY take that risk and not use ALL the necessary precautions?

You should err on the side of caution and safety...and if you choose not to use all of the safety precautions - inform the patient that there is dispute over this issue. Let them make those decisions about their own bodies.

From the iaomt.org "U.S. Regulations--States: In the United States, brochures have been created to educate patients about their choices for dental fillings in California, Connecticut, Maine, and Vermont. The brochures, some of which are legally required to be presented to dental patients, contain information about the release of mercury vapor from dental mercury amalgam fillings and concerns related to dental mercury amalgam usage, as well as information about mercury pollution to the environment caused by dental mercury."

I think the ADA might finally be coming around to the truth of the matter in stating that amalgams are harmful to people, which I hope would allow more transparency between patient and dentist.

I would encourage you to educate yourselves and learn about genetic methylation issues such as MTHFR genetic problems. We don't all have our 'detox systems' working properly in our bodies to remove the mercury fast enough. In fact, upwards of 40-50% of the population have some variation of the MTHFR. That's a lot of patients with a potential to have even a slight compromise in their detoxification pathways.

I've heard someone say to me - 'you were just a perfect storm....so there's no need to exercise that kind of precaution that is recommended when removing amalgams on everyone. You are the exception.'

I have lived through the unspeakable health crisis of mercury toxicity and I almost lost my life because of it. I ask you to please consider that every patient's life is worth taking extra precautions.

You have an ethical responsibility to protect your patients - even if you have one tiny shred of doubt about the safety of mercury amalgams. If you are one of those doctors that adamantly says that mercury amalgams do no harm while in the tooth or when they are removed without all the necessary precautions - I pray nobody is harmed by your dental work and hope that one day the ADA will ban the use of amalgam fillings and require you to use the S.M.A.R.T. technique.

I will be sharing my story publicly alongside the countless thousands of others who have been seriously hurt and have even died because of these dental practices. I will be raising awareness about this damaging toxin that is used in the dental field. I hope to prevent as many people as I can from going through what I did. Even in my short time that I've been sharing my story, word is getting out. People are going to biological dentists or dentists who use all the S.M.A.R.T technique. Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique.

As well, if you choose not to use all the safety precautions - please inform your patients that there is a controversy over the safe removal of amalgams, and let them make their own decisions about how they want to proceed.

Every. Single. Life. Is. Worth. It.

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