Schmidt's For The Win

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I'm going to make this short and sweet. Deodorant was one of the very first things, if not the first thing I changed to start eliminating toxins when I became sick. I had a strong impression one day that I should stop using my regular deodorant. This impression came long before I knew I was even toxic with heavy metals. Certainly makes sense now though. Prior to becoming sick, I had read about aluminum in deodorant not being safe and possibly contributing to breast cancer, but never took the step to change because I didn't have any alternative that worked. So when I felt strongly that I should stop using this deodorant containing aluminum, I stopped cold turkey. I have never put aluminum deodorant on my body again.

I have been on a quest ever since to find a deodorant that actually works. And it hasn't been easy. Ask my family. They have also had to join in and sometimes be unwilling participants in my quest to test out deodorants to find ones that actually work! They have been left smelling like such things as mangos, roses, pizza, and even B.O! (Sorry family!)

I've tried everything from wearing nothing in the winter time to wearing the rock salt deodorant. I didn't have a problem with the rock salt in winter, but definitely needed stronger for the summer times in Arizona.

I moved on to many other brands and one including Dr. Hauschka that was supposed to be one of the best that 'actually worked'. One would have thought that it would work for the price I paid - nearly $20 for a bottle. However, it did not work for me. My family and I were in the car one day in San Diego and we laughed until we cried one afternoon because all this deodorant did was make me smell like a pizza! The entire car smelled like a pizza because I kept reapplying and reapplying as we traveled around the city. I was done smelling like a pizza! Time to move on and find something new.

Next came Bunny Butt Apothecary. They made a deodorant that worked better than all the rest I had tried so far. It was not completely preservative free though - but it provided a good amount of odor protection and was for the most part all natural and was aluminum free. It lasted most of the day for me, but on a long hot sweaty Arizona day, it did not pass the test. I had to reapply.

So, in the last several months I have recently heard about a deodorant called Schmidt's. This one was also supposed to 'actually work'. That's what they all say, but I ordered it the same day that I heard about it to go ahead and give it a try to see if it was better than Bunny Butt.

The verdict?

Schmidt's for the win people! It truly gets a mic drop!

This is the one deodorant that I have found in the last three years that actually works and lasts all day. The end. No more testing deodorant. I whole heartedly can tell you that you should try this deodorant! It is non-toxic and aluminum, paraben, phthalate and even gluten free. It even helps absorb wetness! It's a win-win.

It comes in some amazing scents like bergamot-lime and lavender-sage, which are two of my favorites. There are also sensitive skin formulas and even fragrance free for those of you who like no scent at all.

Do yourself a favor, and ditch your toxic deodorant, help get the chemicals out of your body, and buy some of this non-toxic deodorant that actually works!

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