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I love that Irvine, CA is the countries first non-toxic city! Now for the rest of the country! Until it hits home and becomes your health crisis, it's always someone else's health issue to deal with.

Irvine, California has done it's part to detox it's city. Irvine's detox began when Laurie Thompson's own child developed brain cancer. She discovered that along with her own child developing cancer, there was an unusually high percentage of children living in Irvine with brain cancer. She also started to take note of many troubling signs in her city parks and neighborhoods. Laurie says, "I started becoming hyper-aware of all the signs at schools and at parks that said, 'Warning! Roundup Treated Area' and realized that these pesticides are everywhere our kids are," Thompson says.

After learning that glyphosate (Roundup) was being sprayed in their city parks, their neighborhoods, and on their schools grounds - and learning about how it is linked to cancer, fetal deaths and many other health issues - she was determined to get this toxic chemical removed from her city.

Here is the article in OC weekly.

How Irvine, CA become SoCal's First Non-Toxic City.

Yes, the littlest amounts matter! There is no 'safe amount' of a toxin! And yes, we have livers that detoxify, but all of us don't methylate (detox) fast enough. Ever heard of MTHFR genetic methylation issues? Many people, myself included, are doing our part to raise awareness about these genetic and environmental issues. This is why I've created this website. All the people I know that are passionate about these causes have had first hand experience dealing with a health crisis stemming from these issues.

Environmental toxins contribute to cancer, hormone imbalance, thyroid disruption, autism and so much more. Toxins come on our food that is sprayed with pesticides, it's put in our food, it's put in our beauty products, it's in our mouths from mercury 'silver' fillings (my issue), and sprayed in our neighborhoods/schools as weed/bug name just a few.

This isn't about being scared, it's about being informed and making choices for your own body! You don't think much about environmental toxins until you or someone you love - that is an otherwise healthy person - is diagnosed with cancer or has a massive health crisis that crashes your body like it did mine 3 years ago.

This from a Mom whose child had brain cancer... "Before all of this, I had never really thought too much about chemical exposure and pesticides," Mejia recalls. "But I feel like I have to be a voice and bring awareness because no parent should ever have to feel what my family and I have felt."

This is how I feel. Exactly. I'm speaking out about environmental toxicity and genetic methylation issues because I have to raise awareness. I don't want anyone to go through what I went through.

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