My Unexpected Gift

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I originally wrote this in September of 2014.

I am reading the book E2 (squared) by Pam Grout. It explains and details nine do-it-yourself energy experiments that prove your thoughts create your reality. Fascinating concept. In the past year and a half, I’ve been learning all about my thoughts and how they create my world from my coach, Steve Hardison. I’ve also been learning all about being intentional with my thoughts and to focus on creating my world, instead of letting my world happen to me.

Books keep finding their way into my hands through suggestions and other means, and I’ve been reading them. Each book providing new learning and building on the concepts in the last one. The concepts in these books have resonated deeply with me. Books such as A Return to Love by Marianne Williamson, Loving What Is by Byron Katie, Ask and It is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks, Within by Dr. Habib Sadeghi, and just more recently The Afterlife of Billy Fingers by Annie Kagan, just to name a few. I’ve even been drawn to listen to well over 50 sermons by Joel Osteen during the last year. His sermons carry this same theme as well: your thoughts have power, choose them wisely, and that God is ready and willing to help you with anything. I love listening to the positive, uplifting messages from Joel Osteen! They are not guilt ridden and fear based. His messages have been powerful for me and during a time when I needed it the most. It feels like these messages all with a similar theme have been coming at me from every direction. Our thoughts can change everything. When the student is ready, the teacher appears!

I set out about two years ago to find a coach, and not just any coach, but the right one that would help me to learn a better more mindful way of thinking. In walks the ultimate coach Steve Hardison, into my life. I knew there was more. I have always been highly attuned to my religious feelings and beliefs, and have a very close relationship with my God, as well a knowing that my angels watch over me. They have been with me my whole life leading and guiding me, but what I sought out to find wasn’t religious so to speak, it was a better way for my mind to process the things that I experienced on this earth. I wanted to sort through my life’s experiences and process them in a healthier, more productive way. I wanted to view my life’s experiences through a different lens. It came back to my thoughts. In this process, I’ve been shedding other people’s fixed beliefs that have been projected onto me, and have a new understanding that I am ok with who ‘I be’ and know that from this place I can do anything. I work to now allow other people’s opinions and belief’s define who I am. I’m learning that I’ve been realigning with my source energy, or as I know it, I’m working to fully realign with my spirit of who I was before I came to this earth. Love. Authenticity.

Learning about myself and about how we can create our world and generate our own reality, and even help heal our bodies with merely our thoughts is something I’m really getting to practice and learn about, particularly in the last year, and what a year it has been – brutal to say the least. I have gotten a crash course in how our thoughts create our world, and how I have to keep my mind focused on what I want and what my desired outcome is, to assist in the healing of my body, even in the most distressing of times.

This book talks about the “FP” (field of potentiality) and how this energy force, or whatever you prefer to call it: God, your production crew, your angels, your source energy, the universe, etc., is constantly available for your access, and its 100% reliable. Our thoughts are the key. It’s not just available to us sometimes, or when God might want to answer us. Pam Grout says it works every time, that our every thought always affects our physical reality, and that we just have to turn it on and tune into it. This energy source is not finite or limited. We do not have to earn the privilege, or somehow meet someone else’s idea of measurement of if we are somehow good enough, to be able to tap into this energy source or to receive blessings. We cannot ask too much of it! She says that to effectively work these spiritual laws, you have to ‘get it’ deep down in your bones that the universe is bountiful and that, at all times, it has your back. The minute you make an intention, you create it. My coaches have taught me this principle of allowing. I’ve learned that I must open my heart, surrender, and completely align my thoughts with my source energy and allow and receive these blessings.

So, let me get on with explaining the unexpected gift. Two days ago on Wednesday night, I decided to start with experiment #1 from the book. The experiment was to prove that ‘The Dude Abides’. The hypothesis is that if there’s a 24/7 energy force equally available to everyone, we can access it at any time simply by paying attention. The experiment is to ask our energy source for an unexpected gift or surprise, something that we wouldn’t normally receive or get, and that it has exactly 48 hours to arrive. I am not to specify the blessing or gift, but only to give the clearly defined request and a concrete deadline. Lastly, I was instructed to request that this gift be delivered in such a manner as to make it clear and undeniable that it is coming from my source energy, not just a casual coincidence. To do this experiment the right way, I must set aside any doubt or skepticism for 48 hours. I can’t put this request out there for the universe to respond to and then not really believe they will deliver. That is not in alignment with my request. I must expect it with my whole heart, so that is what I did.

As I’ve already mentioned, I fully believe that God does exist, that my angels are with me at all times, and am fully on board with all of this. I have had so many of what I call spiritual experiences where I have asked and God has responded with beautiful blessings, but this was a different approach. I thought it would be fun to try out the experiment by specifically asking for a gift and testing out to see if my production crew, what I refer to as God and my angels (why I call it the production crew is another story altogether), would really respond within 48 hours. It sounded fun and intriguing to me. The God I know and love, is fun and intriguing, so I went for it.

So Wednesday night I spoke to my production crew, “I would kindly request a surprise or unexpected gift to be delivered to me by Friday night at 8:00 p.m. I also want to know that when this gift is delivered, it is undeniably from you and that it came to me because of this request that I made.”

Thursday passes by. No surprise gift. Friday passes by, still no surprise gift. Several times during these two days I thought to myself, “I wonder what I’ll be receiving?” I also wondered when my gift will arrive. Two days went by, and I hadn’t received anything. So on Friday night, I decided to pick up the book again and read a little bit more. I was sitting in my front living room and I looked at my watch at exactly 7:40 p.m. and I said in my mind, “Hello production crew, its 7:40 p.m. You have 20 minutes to deliver a gift to me!” I said with great anticipation, “I can’t wait to see what gift is delivered within the next 20 minutes! This should be really good!” I was actually excited to see what went down in the next 20 minutes! I looked back at my book and kept reading. In no less than two minutes, my husband Marc walked into the room carrying an envelope. He told me to open it. This was unusual. My eyes started to widen and the anticipation was building as I opened the envelope and peeked inside. Inside the envelope, there was a check from our mortgage company for $7,832.99! Unbelievable! We had overpaid into our escrow account and they were issuing us a refund check. I literally jumped up and ran around my kitchen squealing. I could not believe what had just happened! Amazing! Marc just laughed and was wondering what on earth was going on. I hadn’t explained to him what I had been doing for the last 48 hours and he knew nothing about the experiment. He watched me jump around my house in excitement and astonishment for a minute before I told him what had just happened. I could have cared less about the amount of money in the envelope at that particular moment, it was the fact that my production crew had just responded to my request for a surprise or gift within my 48 hour timeline! I was astounded that I could make a specific request, and they had responded and provided. It was absolutely undeniable, just as I had requested it be! This was no coincidence. I received an unexpected gift in the amount of $7,832.99 and it arrived 18 minutes before my requested deadline.

This experience has been a welcome, beautiful and fun blessing in my life. The learning has been amazing and I know I’m just beginning to scratch the surface of my journey of learning. What an awesome night as I explained the whole experiment to Marc and then even called my coach Steve and shared my excitement and the story of what happened with him! Our thoughts create our world! I’m learning little by little the depth of what this simple statement can mean in my life. Our production crews, God and his angels, are right with us, listening to us and responding to our needs and specific requests, even in the form of an experiment and a fun gift!

Change your thoughts and you change your world!

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