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Genetic Testing

Genetic Testing Through Dr. Amy Yasko

I had my genetic testing done through Amy Yasko's supplement website at

It is a comprehensive methylation pathway analysis of 30 genetic SNPs, including the MTHFR. It is a simple finger prick blood test that you will do in your own home and mail back to them. They will send you a comprehensive analysis and report for your personal genetic SNPs, including which supplements you should take to help your methylation pathways function optimally.

The cost of this test is $495. It is a bit more than 23andMe's genetic test, but the upside is they analyze everything for you and send you the report. You do not have to go to another site to have your results analyzed.

One stop shopping.

Genetic Testing Through 23andMe

You can also go to to order a genetic test. The cost of this test is $199. Order the Health and Ancestry Test. You will provide a saliva sample and mail this test back. Approximately 4 weeks later, 23andMe will contact you and let you know that your raw data is ready.

Once this raw data is available, you will need to go to another website to get your genetic data analyzed. 23andMe will not send you any analysis of your genetic profile, but will only give you the raw testing data.

Websites to Analyze Your Raw Genetic Data

You can go to and locate the 'Sterling's App.' The cost of this app is $30. Once this app is ordered, you will be able to download a PDF document. You will receive a report that consists of 40+ pages of data that is color coded.

One more thing, if you call customer support at 23andMe you will not speak to someone in America and it can potentially be difficult to get the information you are seeking.

Some Doctors Who Can Help You Analyze this Genetic Data

* Dr. Cindy Schneider at the Center For Autism Research and Education

* Dr. Shaida Sina - Breakthrough Medicine/Integrative Medicine -

* Dr. Nancy Mullan at Genetics Based Medicine -

Dr. Andrew Rostenberg - Optimizing Genes and Saving Lives -

* My doctor or a doctor I've consulted with.

Dr. Amy Yasko's Methylation Cycle - from the Neurological Research Institute

These are the genetic SNPs that will be tested and analyzed through Holistic Health.

In hope and healing,


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