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Sometimes I just meditate and calm my mind quietly. Sometimes I do guided meditations and this is one of my all time favorites. Sandy Newbigging's Body Calm Meditations. I bought it on iBook, and it's on my phone so I can listen anytime. Meditation helps the MIND TO REST, so that in turn, the body can rest and work on good health and HEALING. The mind MUST be addressed when trying to heal or have good health. Negative thinking can literally make you sick. The goal is for the mind to be in HARMONY with the body - EVEN while sick. Every cell in your body is ALWAYS listening and responding to what your mind is thinking.

This meditation helps you to stop resisting what's happening in your life and try as best you can, to PEACEFULLY CO-EXIST with whatever health or circumstance comes your way. This might sound way too simplistic, but I'll tell you from my own experience, it can be a hard battle to mentally quit fighting against an illness. I despised what happened and that I was sick. I came to learn that these thoughts would not move me toward my healing. I had to quit fighting against my illness, powerfully SURRENDER and release my RESISTANCE to it, and instead even ask what it had come to teach me. HARD. This does not mean that I quit fighting to be well. The resistance to my illness was what had to change. These Body Calm Meditations help you do that.

I HONOR all of you on here, and there are many of you, who have battled serious illness - either yourself or a family member. All of you have helped me to be stronger! Give this a listen! You will love it - even if just for a great relaxing guided meditation!

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