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Instagram post from @chesleywellness.

Me - with organic hair highlights!

Ever heard of an ORGANIC hair salon? I hadn't either! Nearly two years ago God led me to this amazing salon in Chandler called VERDE!

All that color on my hair...completely organic and non-toxic! The owner Stephanie, is a true artist! They offer only organic hair, nail and skin care products. They offer only organic manicures, pedicures, and body treatments! They have far infrared heat hair dryers that give off warm radiant heat, that are actually healthy for the body and completely silent. She even serves Bulletproof coffee with brain octane oil for those that enjoy a fresh brewed cup of coffee.

Organic beauty products and hair color is an easy and great way to start eliminating all those harmful toxins from your body! Every little bit does matter.

She's opening up Verde Too in south Chandler in February. "Because being beautiful should never harm you." Give them a call, your body will thank you! 💚💚 Verde Salon 480-786-1111

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