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Supplements I Take

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​I get asked a lot about which supplements I take and which ones I recommend. This is currently my list. I know it can be confusing to know which supplements are high quality, which brand and which formula are the right ones to take. Standing in the supplement aisle can be overwhelming. It was for me. I've since found supplement websites that I trust and have certain doctors that I trust as well and know that they recommend only the highest quality supplements.

I will list the supplements and as well list the main reason I'm taking it. However, these supplements help support so much more in your body than the few things I will list. They're all amazing. Each supplement is linked to where I buy the product.

Please keep in mind that I do not take full doses of all of these supplements. Some of them I only take a drop, 1/8 of a capsule, or half a pill. My body cannot tolerate full doses but I am building up and slowly detoxing which will help me handle more.

As always, please consult your own healthcare provider when deciding what is best for you. I am not a doctor.

MAGNESIUM CITRATE - will keep your digestive system moving, energy, hormones, adrenals, cortisol balance, serotonin support, sleep, detoxification, pain control, fuels mitochondria

JIGSAW MAGNESIUM (B FREE)- non laxative effect with sustained release - see above

GABA - calms brain, relaxation, serotonin support, sleep

LIPO-NANO GLUTATHIONE - cellular detoxification - THE master antioxidant, critical supplement for healing body from disease and detoxifying

ALPHA LIPOIC ACID - (in my glutathione) - boosts glutathione, heavy metal detoxification

FERMENTED LIVER REBUILDER - milk thistle, liver support, detoxification, energy

WESTHROID - dessicated thyroid

EVENING PRIMROSE OIL- hormone balance, systemic inflammation control

B6 - PYRIDOXAL 5'-PHOSPHATE (P5P) - methylated B6 - energy, detox, hormones, adrenals, nervous system

B5 - PANTOTHENIC ACID - adrenals, energy

B12 - ADENOSYL & METHYLCOBALOMIN- methylated (meaning it goes in your body and gets right to work) - detoxification, nervous system, energy

ADRENAL STRESS CONTROL - with citrus bioflavinoids, amino acids and prebiotics - adrenals, immune system

VITAMIN C - adrenals - contains 4 sources of Vit. C and citrus bioflavinoids for optimal biological activity

ZINC - chelated - deficient due to mercury toxicity - immune system, antioxidant

NATURAL PROGESTERONE - progesterone cream - hormone, nervous system, depression

RHODIOLA ROOT - adrenals, energy, cortisol regulation, serotonin support, and increased brain function

CORTISOL MANAGER - Ashwaghanda and Phosphatidylserine - adrenals, neurological support, cognition, cellular brain cell function

HOMEOPATHIC HORMONE DROPS - regulates all my hormone levels - formulated just for my body

SELENIUM - detoxification, binds with mercury to help excrete mercury from body, thyroid support. Most people with mercury toxicity have very low levels of selenium - me included.

STARTER CULTURE FOR KEFIR - super food with massive probiotics, immune support, heals and supports gut microbiome, detox, brain health....and about a million other amazing benefits. Go to to learn all about kefir and its health benefits.

STARTER FOR CULTURED VEGETABLES - same as kefir. Go to to learn all about the health benefits of cultured vegetables.

COCONUT OIL - immune support, heals brain cells, anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, energy support, heals the gut

BULLETPROOF XCT OIL - C8 and C10 MCT's from organic coconut oil, brain cells, energy support, helps body burn fat, supports healthy digestion and strengthens immune system, powers your mind and body with quality fats, anti-fungal, anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, heals the gut

OMEGA 3 FISH OIL - brain health, reduces inflammation and neuro- inflammation, regulates mood, sleep

L - THEANINE - calming amino acid, promotes relaxation without sedation

L - TYROSINE - amino acid providing thyroid support, protects nerve cells from toxins, helps regulate mood and nervous system

IRON GLYCINATE - for anemia

BIOTIN - supports thyroid, adrenals, and glucose balance

GLUCOSAMINE SULFATE - repairs joints, tendons, and ligaments, protects and repairs leaky gut, reduces joint pain, lowers inflammation

COLLAGEN - supports rapid repair of tissues and joints, heals leaky gut

DIGESTIVE ENZYMES - increases digestion and absorption of nutrients, helps increase digestion of proteins, increases hydrochloric acid (HCI)

PROBIOTIC - strengthens immune system, kills yeast and fungus, serotonin support, leaky gut healing and protection, detoxification,

CURCUMIN - reduces systemic inflammation, cellular support, supports immune system

VITEX - progesterone support

METHYL - FOLATE - detoxification support

INOSITOL - promotes liver function and cellular detoxification, hormone balance

CoQ10 - cellular energy, fuels mitochondria, heart and brain health

CALCIUM D-GLUCARATE - lowers and blocks beta-glucaronidase from unbinding estrogen and toxins in the digestive tract - which increases rates of hormone reabsorption and contributes to estrogen dominance - essentially it helps lower and detoxify excess estrogen and other toxins


Lipid based formula to improve bioavailability. Is absorbed orally and is immediately absorbed into the lymphatic system. DIM helps metabolize estrogen and send it out the healthy C-2 detoxification pathway. This helps lower estrogen dominance and helps promote better detoxification and balanced hormones.

VITAMIN D - CRITICAL for optimizing progesterone in the body. 1,000 iu per 25 pounds of body weight. (I will write more later about this most potent 'vitamin' important supplement.)

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