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I want to share this website that I found with you. It has some amazing information and answered many questions about my hormone issues that even my regular doctors couldn't provide. I'm going to be writing more about all this on my website. So I had yet another supplement that was supposed to help lower my estrogen completely backfire. It drastically raised my estrogen and crashed my progesterone. The impact on me is immediate and severe. So I've been on a quest for more answers and information. This lady who created this website suffered severe toxicity, which led to major adrenal issues, estrogen dominance and severely low progesterone. Sounds familiar. So many people I know deal with some form of estrogen dominance or hormone imbalance. PMS, fibroids, PCOS, weight gain, peri-menopause, menopause, breast cancer, infertility, hormonal sleep issues, endometriosis, heavy periods, brain fog, memory loss, acne, depression, anxiety, migraines and more. We are so overloaded with estrogens! As well, STRESS lowers progesterone! A lot. It seems that many of us need more progesterone. PROGESTERONE IS GOOD. It calms your mind and body, lifts depression, rescues sleep, protects against cancers, lightens periods, clears skin, reduces inflammation and more. Here's ONE of the BIG things I learned. I was taught that a full dose was 20-40 mg. of bio-identical progesterone cream. I learned that to combat estrogen dominance, a typical MINIMUM dose is ACTUALLY 100-200 mg cream during the last half of your cycle! Who knew? So I increased my dose from 40 mg. to just 55 mg. per day. It had an immediate impact on lowering my estrogen. Hoping it continues to help. I will write more about what's happened and what I've learned on my website. Please go read this website if you are struggling with hormonal imbalances! I've read and researched so much about this issue. Highly recommend! I learned so much by reading it. Also, I am not a doctor and not trying to be one! I share my journey/research of what has worked/not worked for me in hopes that it might help you too. This is how some answers come.

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