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Who Am I To Share?

Who am I to share? That's a big, bold, scary question I ask myself and it seems - a question some others ask as well.

And there's more questions and comments....

I think I'm a doctor now.

I know more than doctors.

I think I'm an expert on supplements.

I'm misinformed about mercury in amalgams.

I'm misinformed about detoxification and how the liver really works.

I don't have enough degrees, or titles behind my name to share about health.

The vast majority of people who ask me about my health are encouraging and genuinely want to know how I'm doing. A few ....not so much. The energy shifts. Some say adrenal exhaustion is not a real condition, livers don't need extra help to detox, and supplements and vitamins don't do anything for the body - they are completely unnecessary. I've listened with sadness in my heart to them all, as I am someone who has so totally lived each one of these health conditions and been so impacted by them all.

I do not hold any ill will toward anyone who holds this space. I'm just going to explain where I come from and why I'm sharing.

Please understand - I know that I am not a doctor! I do not ever want to be a doctor. I do not pretend to be a doctor. I do not know what is best for any one person. I didn't even like science in college! :)

I had many self doubts before deciding to share my story about what happened to me and as well sharing about supplements, doctors, and the knowledge I have gained. It's been a very difficult decision to open up and put myself out there like this - to be subject to some criticism and judgment. Quite frankly, I don't really like science and medical things! As well, there are many in the dental profession, and those close to them who will stand firmly in the belief that putting mercury (one of the most neurotoxic substances) in your mouth does not cause harm - therefore making what I am sharing false. It seems, they would prefer that I not share what I am sharing.

However, I have felt the continual nudge from above to share. No rush. Just pause, take a deep breath and share when I'm ready. And my sharing ebbs and flows with how I'm feeling in my health.

I'm not sharing in particular for the doubters and judgers. Most who have had serious health issue already understand why I share, because they've been in my shoes, in one way or another. I'm sharing for those, like myself, who are out there seeking answers. In my quest to put the pieces of my own health puzzle together, I spent endless hours when my brain was functioning - pouring over articles, blogs written by people just like myself, who selflessly put their own health stories and hearts out there. They shared about supplements - what worked for them and what didn't work for them. They shared to help others. This is how I started to get one tiny answer after the next. This is how I was guided to some of my doctors.

I know what it feels like to be so sick and have no doctors there to help you or to tell you what's wrong. It's one of the scariest feelings in the world. I am on my healing path today because of all these brave and courageous health warriors who shared. I shudder to think about where I would be if I only had doctors to rely on for gaining information. I am grateful to this health community for sharing - even when they didn't feel like it!

Knowledge and information is power. A community of health warriors sharing their knowledge and information helps to dissipate those feelings of isolation and fear when you feel so alone and helpless in the midst of a health crisis. Sharing what supplements I take, and my own resources can perhaps give an answer to someone else. Yes, I know probably better than anyone that no two people are alike in their recovery and healing. My body and health issues have defied the best of the best. I understand all too well that one person's potion is another person's poison. I am that 1% that has the bad reaction. What worked for me may not work for someone else, but it might give them one answer or get them on the right track to getting an answer. They can take what I share, do their own research, talk to qualified health care professionals and best of all, use their own intuition to do what is best for their own bodies.

So again, who am I to share? When these self doubts creep in, I'm going to be gentle with myself and perhaps ask another, more empowering question to myself more along the lines of.....

Who am I NOT to share?

There comes a point in your life when something so life altering happens, that you push all that aside, firmly standing in your own truth of your own experience, your own incredible knowledge you've gained, knowing exactly what God has guided you to know, learn and understand - and SHARE. You share because you know that you can help even one person.

There are some health warriors who are just starting to climb the mountain. There are others who are well on their way up the mountain and then there are those health warriors who have reached the top of the mountain. Some who have reached the top choose to come back down to help guide, encourage, and pull the rest of us up the mountain. I hope to someday reach the top of that mountain and be able to help pull many up by sharing.

I hold the intention that those that would benefit from what I'm sharing - even one tiny piece, one supplement suggestion, one doctor or website recommendation, one piece of information from an article, who find one glimmer of hope or one word of encouragement....will be the ones to find my story and my website.

I wish all the health warriors out there much peace, love, HOPE, and HEALING.


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