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Summer of Releasing

It's been a year since I have written a blog post. I haven't wanted to write and frankly, the last thing I would want to write about would be God and my soul growth. But a few weeks ago, I was inspired by someone who has endured a health crisis very similar to my own. She's sharing even though there isn't a perfect healing at the end of every blog post, and she's sharing during some of her own rough patches with God. God has given me some of the most beautiful miracles and guidance, and has also been painfully silent for long stretches. I've decided I'm going to take the leap with myself and with God, and start to share a little more of this side of my story.

So here goes....

My coach Steve Hardison introduced me to one of his friends, Danielle Randall. Danielle is an ordained minister of spiritual consciousness and is a spiritual life coach. She wrote a book called, I Met God in a Nightclub, which is an unconventional and thought provoking great book that I loved. I've since had several enlightening conversations with her. Love her.


At the beginning of summer when I read the book I got an idea. In her book, she shared about an experience she had getting some information and answers about her life and doing it through her dreams. I've always known that God and my angels communicate with me in my dreams and I've actually had some pretty miraculous experiences with my dreams, so I figured why not try this.

Some of you may know that I still have physical health issues I'm dealing with. While I have most definitely improved in the last five years, I still have a ways to go to reach optimal health. My adrenals are low functioning, which has an effect on so much in my body. I still have a congested liver that only tolerates small amounts of certain supplements and doesn't tolerate all the supplements that I really need. I still have pretty bad estrogen dominance issues due to multi-faceted reasons, and my spine, ligaments and joints are still severely compromised from the toxicity and more. I'll leave it at that. So as I continue to get answers and try to nudge my body in the direction of healing, all without definite answers of how to get my body to do exactly that, I decided to try something.

I went to bed each night and asked my angels a specific question about my healing. I asked them to give me the answer in my dreams. The very first night I woke up with a very distinct dream. It wasn't what I had asked about, but nevertheless it was a dream that I couldn't deny came from above. If you have had those kinds of vivid and intense dreams, you know what I'm talking about. I dreamed about someone very specific that I held a grudge against. Yup, this person had done me wrong. I was confused because this was not what I had asked about before I went to sleep the night before, but I recorded the dream in my dream journal anyway.

A few nights later another dream came. This time, another person showed up in my dream that I knew I needed to forgive. Ok, again I'm thinking this is odd, but I'll write it down anyway. After about four or five dreams about people or situations that I needed to forgive, I got kind of frustrated. I went to bed one night and said to my angels, "I'm not asking you to remind me of someone that I had a disagreement with 10 years ago, I'm asking you to give me the name of a supplement or give me some insight about healing my body! If you could get on board, that would be really great!"

The dreams continued coming about people or situations that I needed to release. Not everything that was brought to my remembrance was a huge issue that needed to be forgiven, and often times were small issues. I laughed a little at myself with how many issues showed up though! At one point I said, I've heard enough!

Some of the dreams came and I had completely forgotten about the experience and while I no longer thought about the person or what happened, I was realizing that the emotions were still stored in my energy system.

This was the key point right here and it's important.

The emotional residue of what happened during the experience was still lodged and stored in my chakra system and was preventing my energy from flowing the way it should through my body.


When the energy system is blocked in the body, physical healing is blocked in the body.

If you've followed along with my healing journey at all, you know that I've been working on releasing and clearing the energy blocks within my energetic system, my chakra system. Traumas and emotional upsets of all kinds are stored in our energetic system. I've taken courses in bio-energetics with Dr. Sue Morter, who is a master in energy medicine and even spent time with her personally in a healing intensive. I'm studying Dr. Joe Dispenza's work, and have studied many others who talk about the impact of energetic blocks within the body and how that translates into physical issues. Conversely, when the energy blocks are cleared, and the chakras are opened - healing in the body happens. This has been a big part of my healing focus and work the past year, particularly studying with Dr. Sue.

At this point, the lightbulbs were going off when I finally said, I hear you! I get the message! Part of my healing journey at this particular moment is to forgive all, and clear any of this negative energy that is stored in my body, no matter how big or small. Interestingly enough, the message of forgiveness kept arriving, and from more than one direction. When I was exchanging emails with a person that I know in the healing field, she gave me one piece of advice only. Forgive all. She knew nothing about any forgiveness that I needed to extend, nor did she have a clue about the dreams that I was having all summer about forgiving.

God had my attention at this point.

So I started to do the MPower Step energy releases that Dr. Sue had taught me, I did EFT tapping exercises, prayed to forgive and offered prayers for each and every single person or situation that showed up in these dreams. It hasn't been easy. It has brought up some painful emotions, but I trust as I work through and release each situation, I am freeing this energy so it can be utilized elsewhere for my healing.


With that said, I've also been blessed to learn and study with some amazing coaches, doctors and healers. I've learned all too well that life is about learning to come from a place of creator, instead of coming from a place of a disempowered reactor. I've also learned that it's best to lean into the difficult situation to glean the gifts of learning and soul progression that the universe is offering. Otherwise, I'll just keep re-creating the experience until I change and choose to grow from the experience.

I want to share an experience I had this past summer doing just this.

In perfect timing, the universe served up ample opportunities for me to put into practice what I had been working on this past summer with my releasing. I found myself in a situation with one of my children where I was dealing with adults who were mistreating her and another person. Needless to say, all of my mama bear buttons were being pushed.

The time finally came when I needed to step in and set boundaries for my child with these adults, and rightfully so. A thought came to me at this point that I had two options. I could choose to light it up and set them straight no matter how it came across - because I was really upset! Or I could make the conscious decision to deal with this issue in a manner that would still be be peaceful rather than incite anger and a battle with these people. This was a perfect opportunity for me to put into practice what I had been learning this past summer and as well the past few years.

And I'll admit, it was not easy to do this differently! I don't know how well they received what I said, but I said everything I needed to say in peace, respectfully, and still managed to set clear boundaries for my daughter. I held my power and maintained my peace.


What's also been painfully clear the last year is that this healing journey isn't just about my physical body, but also my soul's growth. My experience this past summer of going to bed each night and asking what I can do to heal my physical body, and having the answer be to - forgive all - made me stop and think long and hard about what was happening here. My eyes were being opened a little bit more to what is being accomplished with me throughout my healing journey.

Some of you may wonder why I talk so much about spirituality when I'm on a quest for physical wellness?

I have learned so well that the body, mind and spirit are all connected. One cannot be healed without the other healing. Think about that. You cannot achieve true healing of the physical body without healing the mind and the spirit.

I know that we are all here on earth to grow and to learn, but to have this growth be so connected and intertwined in my physical healing journey, has been another experience altogether. And its been far from easy. God is teaching me, and walking me through the refiners's fire. So much more than just healing my physical body is being worked on for me. This last year I have been able to step back a little more and see the bigger picture somewhat. And I can choose to like it or not. I can fight it and resist it - which I have done - or I can choose to allow it, give up the control I've tried to exert over this situation, surrender and let the universe lead.

Do I have this forgiveness and releasing all figured out? No. I am far from perfect, but I'm learning.

I've come to understand that this life is all about what is happening in different situations to evolve me as a spiritual being to awaken to who I really am in this physical body. It's about my remembering and returning to the love that I was created from.

So this past summer, the focus has been on forgiveness. Working on it! Hoping at some point the ultimate physical healing will also follow, which I'm confident it will.

In love, light and healing,


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