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Speak Your Truth

The body is an incredible communication device.

The SOUL (my Divine self) speaks to the BODY.

The BODY speaks to the MIND (ego).

And the MIND usually doesn't listen!

Body - Mind - Soul. They are all connected.

I want to share an experience that I had recently that illustrates how the body talks.

Back in March, the girls and I went on a trip to California for Spring break. We had a great vacation together with plenty of beach time, sunshine, fun restaurants and just relaxing. We needed it. It has been a rough year for all of us, aside from all of the worldly events. My body was feeling good the entire time that we were there, which felt amazing. Prior to this trip, I had been experiencing some brain fog for several months. It was intermittent, but ranged from mild on some days, to more severe on other days. When I went away for this vacation, it was a welcome respite from the physical symptoms, and I thought maybe it was clearing up for good.

On the drive home, I noticed the brain fog starting to creep back in. Then I woke up the next morning after arriving home, and the brain fog was so severe I could barely function. It was like I had been hit by a truck. I remember standing in the kitchen that afternoon, looking at my oldest daughter and telling her I couldn't even make a sandwich for myself at that point. I could barely string two thoughts together. I just laid down and took it easy for the rest of the day. Clearly, because there was nothing else I was going to be able to do, that's how severe it was. I was so confused as to what this sudden onset of brain fog was since returning home from vacation. I remember wondering if there was something toxic in my home that was causing the issue. I had already had the home environmentally checked out a few years prior, and nothing was found, so I dismissed that idea quickly.

I went to bed that night in a complete haze. I remember laying down and I asked my guides/angels to help me understand why my brain had such a rapid onset of brain fog when I came home from California. There was no mistaking that something massive had changed. I woke up in the early morning hours the following day. As I was still in the zone of not quite fully awake, I had words flow into my mind. The words were crystal clear and very direct.

"Speak your truth, Deanna."

In the very next instant, the words came in, "your throat chakra is blocked." Which was followed by flashes in my mind's eye of a webinar I had listened to years prior, by Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt. The webinar explained that if you have neurological issues, you typically have blockage in your throat area. This could be in the lymphs, interstitial fluid, and more. The throat is the drainage pathway for the brain, and when there is swelling or blockage in the throat area, you could potentially have a wide range of neurological issues. The neurological issue was exactly what I was experiencing with the severe brain fog.

This information was followed by the words for a second time...

"Speak your truth."

The message was clear and I knew instantly what it all meant. The last thing you’d ever call me is a pushover, and I've certainly never had an issue with speaking my truth. Quite the contrary. This directive was referring to my soul's truth. The truth that has been in there all along, but never voiced. I had been dealing with a difficult personal situation for over a year. In this situation, I was also holding back from speaking my truth with a finality. Holding back from speaking my truth and releasing attachment to what happened as a result.

That very same day I felt a shift inside of me that was unparalleled. I knew that I had heaven's blessing and encouragement to speak my absolute truth. I felt a physical release inside that felt freeing. I also felt some fear, but I had a knowing that whatever happened as a result of my internal shift, it was going to be alright. So I began to speak my truth into this situation from a newfound place of peace inside... and I didn't stop.

In April, a few weeks after that happened, I received another detailed 'heavenly download' with more troubling information when I woke up in the early morning hours. My divine team has my back. Literally. I sat with this new information for several weeks. I sat in a lot of reflection and stillness, while eventually coming to peace with what I knew I needed to do. It was actually a long time coming and I made a big life decision as a result.

I realized at that point as well, that when I had the sudden onset of brain fog after vacation, it was my body’s way of communicating with me. Warning me and alerting me about a situation. I also realized that my body had been yelling at me, trying to get my attention since the beginning of the year when the brain fog appeared. It‘s been trying for 8 years really. I was also able to connect the dots together on other physical symptoms that appeared years ago. These physical symptoms also intensified at the time some things were happening around me and in my life that I wasn’t aware of. My symptoms protected me, when I wasn’t aware I even needed to protect myself. I have a profound appreciation and newfound respect for how my body has taken care of me in this way.

Clearly this latest bout of brain fog was a direct result of a recent situation that was not aligned with my highest good in any way. In fact, it was quite toxic. There are many things that can cause physical toxicity in the body.

My body had my attention.

Physical symptoms can be present to get your attention and stand for you in ways until you're ready to stand for yourself.

After making that decision, my brain fog started to clear up immediately. How incredible is that.

Blocked emotions will manifest into physical symptoms in the body. The body communicates to you. Physical symptoms show up in all ways. I know some people still have such a hard time believing this. I share this story simply in hopes to help others understand this aspect of their overall health and wellbeing. What manifests in the physical, is first happening in the energy fields within the body.

If you have physical symptoms, you have blocked energy.

The number one reason you have blocked energy, is unresolved emotions and trauma.

There is a Divine intelligence that runs the body.

The body speaks to you... to get you to take a new course.

The body speaks to you... to protect you from something that is not ok for you.

The body speaks to you... to get you off an old track and to say, "go this way instead".

The body is holding space for you and saying... "there is something more for you".

Exactly what was happening in this situation that I was dealing with.

Get on the frequency where you're able to listen to this communication.The first step is just understanding that it exists. I'm getting better and better at listening myself. Everybody has the ability to hear it. You just need to dial into it, and fine tune your listening within yourself. Go within.

The lightness is coming in many ways for me. My life is shifting and the energy is changing. Which is good. I am still being guided and continue to learn so many things that are incredible in my healing journey.

In much love, light and healing.



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