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What Creates Health Storms?

Originally an IG Post.

Originally an Instagram Post:

I had the perfect health storm when I went down back in 2013. I’ve since learned all about it. It’s not so rare and can happen to ”healthy” strong people! There are things you can do to prevent this. . To me, the perfect health storm is when several factors are present and simultaneously go awry to create serious health problems. Often times, you reach a tipping point. The tipping point, in combination with 1-5 below, can also be preceded by an “event” such as surgery or other stressful life events. What factors can contribute to the perfect HEALTH STORM? 1. TOXIC LOAD - heavy metals, environmental toxins from food, personal care & cleaning products, etc. 2️. GENETIC SUSCEPTIBILITY - such as your methylation pathways & your bodies ability to detoxify properly. This is a big contributing factor to the health storm. Do you know your genetics & how well you detoxify? Remember though, just because you have certain genes - it DOES NOT mean they will express! See 1, 3, 4 & 5. 3️. STRESS - emotional & physical stress. Stress weakens every system in your body. Stress combined with a heavy metal and toxin burden further weakens your body - which then also allows for overgrowth of bad bacteria, candida and viruses. 4️. VIRAL and BACTERIAL load - EBV? And many others. 5️. TRAUMAS - emotional trauma blocks the flow of energy through your body. Blocked energy = disease. These are just a few, but are certainly not limited to this list. WHAT TO DO? Knowledge is POWER! Get to the right NMD or Integrative doctor. Western docs don’t know how to heal chronic health issues. They are great for acute illnesses or accidents. They do not have training in how to assess a chronic health issue or know how to look underneath all the symptoms and get to the root cause of what's causing the issue. De-stress and learn MINDFULNESS skills. Stress weakens the body and keeps the sympathetic nervous system fired up. Are you able to recognize your thoughts? Accept and notice them? See how they are impacting your body? Love yourself and love your mind? These are all mindfulness skills. EAT HEALTHY foods! Organic food help the body to detox. Eliminating sugar, wheat and dairy will help lower your inflammatory response in the body. When inflammation drops, detoxification pathways function better. Spend time in NATURE! Connect with nature in any way that you can. Connect to the earth barefoot if possible for grounding effect on the body. This also lowers the body's inflammatory response. Get restorative sleep & limit EMF’s! Remove cell phones and electronics from your room while you sleep. Consider using a weighted blanket while your sleep, which will help your parasympathetic nervous system activate, which puts. you in rest, repair and healing mode while you sleep. DETOXIFY with proper supplements & use ORGANIC as much as you can! Know and understand which supplements are the most beneficial and are best for your body. Learn your GENETICS to optimize your supplements. Get your genetic testing done, and know the proper supplements that will optimize your body's detoxification pathways and overall functionality. Heal ROOT CAUSE of health problems instead of symptom management. Clear ENERGETIC blocks & process any trauma. Accept/love yourself right where you are. Live AUTHENTICALLY. SURRENDER and trust the process. MEDITATE! DEEP BELLY BREATHE! Walk, do yoga or tai chi.


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